dPress is a small, literary press, established in 1967, to produce books of my own and my friends' writings and now has nearly 100 titles in its backlists. (although most of the early letterpress works are out-of-print). The main focus at present is to create saddle-stiched, short-run, 20 to 40 page editions with color covers utilizing the technical advances of the modern copy machine.
Please, do NOT send manuscripts to dPress.

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Another Artaud   by Richard Denner $12
Angio Gram   by Carl Potts $7
Bear Dance   by Richard Denner $7
Celestial Cattlecall   by Lee Harris $7
Cow Songs   by Richard Denner $7
Double Play   by Garcia & Denner $12
Even Steven   by Luis Garcia $7
Flying White   by Richard Denner $7
Ice Moon   by Richard Denner $7
Lemon Leg Dances   by Kim Secunda $7
Rebel Girls   by Leila Castle $7
Second Boiling   by Richard Denner $12
The Spot   by Richard Denner $9
Talking Trash   by Richard Denner $7
WaveTwisters   by Richard Denner $7
Wax Museum   by Belle Randall $7
A Year in Cows   by Jane Booth $12
If you are interested in other titles, send an email to rychard@sonic.net

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