Omatic & After St. John

Susan Gervitz

dPress 2006 Sebastopol
16 pp hand sewn

Cover by Oberon


                                        —For Elizabeth Robinson

             Now I will tell you plainly and from no cryptic speech
Lattimore, AGAMEMNON

filibuster        a thin pretend

                         veil vial conveyance

                             rhyme Dogsters are

insist if as              building blocks

if as

as if as available measures action

                          by answer will

                          of no action by action

                                     nomer  ation

delinquence video outside the gates

like a dad coming home at dinner time

subject's nomer

              actions  actions  actions' station

                                     static notion
                       notion's notation              sing

                 a stupid

            sing chorus taxi-ing for        |

One long
pan                    for                  inter-ordinary how about
                                        how the ten-minute take

              exposure's time's perpetual stunt
              meticulously pre-cut

Notorious                 I Confess               Topaz

              mobility         voyeur                      by action answer

                                                  no     action     of

                                             of     no      or      ornament


true as you to scuttle

              figure       shy                characters move less

                    We     see        the     object of the title

[Still            you

                                        but          are]

       Saudi Arabia                  Scrivner

               procuring jeeps room service reminiscence adornment adjacent

                         You           are          but         still

curtained window                    Can we talk of form in terms of
cannibalism and the 100 kinds

                   of hunger              all servants to this meal

diatribe chorus refrain

                           name carnivore           lead      to

as it may                  distribute incarnate

                         to      this     work                   set

                         work       this           set         to


                                    word        my        broke        I

                                 word        I        my            broke

[If you were building blocks I'd
back of word break]

seer        the        was

                                                                    but        to

                                                that        promised        to


                                 did wrath

                               You so

                             did wrath, did harm
                                You so no

                  Be       that         could       how

                  Could          how        be           that

[by the author's author

               Do        But            we                       foretell that seems

                                                                     true you to us

                                                                   us you to

[the mere un mere~~~     foretell that all seems
delinquent omatic)

         But       do          we                  that     seems     all     forestall

                                                      all you that
                                                      to us
                                                      that seems

[Cassandra Karaoke forge]

           forestall  measures

halting       halting       halting       holding       up

[      name          object lesson a name             repeat Stop

Then over again trespass none.
There pass ever again.
Believed this none for again none me for this.
Mere migration as return.
Do but we.
True to us you.
Distribute serve.
Insist if as.
That seems all forestall.
Fore halt unmere.
Filibuster stutter.
One long pan plan.
One helping of child flesh.
As a cause if origin a face causes.
Extricate speech ery untie.
Talk we can terms of the moving cursive scape.


Ballad I

1. In the beginning was the living in living, in which nests infinite transaction 2. The same word was said to be the beginning; was in the bare glottal stop of beginning and wore no crown 3. Was born without witness as a beginning, without tool to work itself, shape without file.
Repent or bet 4.Thus had always conceived and was always conceiving and always giving substance and always procuring, counterfeiting, making a dictionary of it 5. "As the lover in the beloved, each in time resided in the other, and this love that united them was the same to each one" 6. And another gagging on the nature of number while sorting the concept of one into equal parts 7. "We are weary" yawned the exegetes, scolded the philistines, droned the news anchor, of waiting for the addition of one to reveal its limits 8. "And one love in them all made them" was like sharing needles, toothbrushes, mastication, and they deplored it, castigated it, adored it -- called for an appraisal 9. For the one that the three possessed fell into the mirror of the past, as does most infestation, plague, even numeration, even intoxication especially into that shining lake 10. And each imagined each to be a knot, tied to the shoe of a king stamping out the inquisition while looking up at the sky for signs of the first flight 11. Therefore increase occurs at the rate of distance over time. An equation of generation does not have to include plenitude
12. "The problem is not that you’ve gone to begin again," said the King, "It is the flowering of the trees before the scheduled spring and the gratitudes for the legislation of famine you have provided the citizens, lack beyond what money could buy, and that is why we give you asylum

Romance 2     The Communication of the 3 Persons


             In the aquatic

             Below the floorboards of what was

             once called the Heaven mall


          Sequence makes the impact

            but it is not sequence

            that we recall impact is as

            the runners run

            water bottles bouncing at their hips

            in the act of "the more love there was"

            and all the King’s bystanders send realtors

            to the rescue when "what we want is not truth but
                                                         each other"            —Oppen

mistaken then

                  How then

three in one

a moving ratio

fatigued infinite

middle song of a taking-stock lullaby

                           Place an epic in a jar

clay savior of Kol Nidre

throat dust                  lid stuck or sunk

           fatigue of the infinite

                     to move without purpose -that loves us

is as outside the glass

Ballad II

1. Lets this be
         the story thrown away. 2. Poetics "Continuous".... "the rest is diaries" —Bromige. 3. The noisy inhabited insomnia of all his work the absolute commitment to restlessness. 4. Let the story drive without steering down a winding country road at night with the headlights off in August to a place you promised no poetry could be written because we’d be too busy with the loose wheels as the car was pulled forward by the road which left your hands free. 5. As do line breaks that know where they’re going before we do 6. Another time another driving without crown or tool