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Collected Books
Collected Poems
As Though I Were a Dog
the Stable
Richard Arthure
bone ornaments & mirrors
Cecelia Belle
tutti a tavalo e mangiare
John Bennett
cheyenne of the mind
Eve West Bessier
roots music
Jennifer Birkett
buddha brimstone be bop
heart bones
Jane Booth
a year in cows
David Bromige
behave or be bounced
clearings in the throat
indictable suborners
Terri Carrion
lazy tongue
Leila Castle
rebel girls
red mare
Heidi Chamberalin
nightmares and prayers
Kathryn Christman
buena suerte
fifty-centavo gringo
David Esperanza Cole
the illuminated feet
Leslie Cole
five kinds of surrender
Ed Coletti
between trellis and glass
bringing home the bones
quiet now
Jeremy Cook
full loaf
Albert Flynn DeSilver
some nature
Arthur Dawson
western scenes from chinese characters
Geri Digiorno
rosetta mary
Julya Dimmett
secundus following
Timotha Doane
bahamia journal
Jampa Dorje
cheek to cheek
tree planting in tibet
a view from ekajati
John Dorsey
his majesty of bleecker street
Nancy Cavers Dougherty
memory in salt
Sandy Eastoak
darkness, only light
Muldoon Elder
aesop revisited
Luis Garcia
double play
even steven
exploding flowers
the handle
a place of morning
Susan Gervitz
omatic & after st. john
Ann Gottesman
atomic motorcycle glove
the parakeet box
rainbow trout in paris
three plays
Hammond Guthrie
ohm-age konkret
Mark Halperin
for every action
Lee Harris
celestial cattlecall
Katherine Hastings
wolf spider
Diamond Heart
red crystal
Alexia Herault
je ils on s'est blesse
Elizabeth Carothers Herron
Eric Johnson
the palace of fine ants
Keith Johnson
cool phoenix
Larry Kerschner
u.s. military diplomacy: from wounded knee to afghanistan
Judith Kleck
winter fruit
Paula Koneazny
the year i was alive
Richard Krech
the location of the triple jewel
the 1932 3Af claret
poems for mary's garden
Martin Marriott
sleeping on rollerskates
Phyllis Meshulam
valley of moon
Helena Mitchell
petals on snow
Gwynn O'Gara
Citizen One
backwards in time
D.E.G. Owart
national geographic
Monica Peck
while you were watching
Adam Perry
no one knows
Charles Potts
angio gram
Joe Powell
in the kittitas
a ring in air
Belle Randall
wax museum
James Reed
Jeff Rockwell
be bamboo
moons in water
everyone is made of gold
Michael Rothenberg
jungian quartet & other poems
epigenesis on temple mount
Charlotte Rotterdam
space before memory
Kim Secunda
lemon leg dances among eager circus afternoons
Deborah Swain
about gravity
through the skylight
Verian Thomas
the key
Steve Tills
Gabriela Anaya Valdepeña
sun's promise
june gloom
bride of baudelaire
poems that kill
Gianna De Persiis Vona
monty's luck
head gear
gallery one
combines & collages
linoleum cuts
artist statement
another artaud
and a Grecian rug to lay before the fire
café poems & linoeum nudes
denner & company
ezine verse
joie phenix & bouvard pécuchet
latin lyrics of luiz mee
lost favors of sister mean
nouvelle pesanteur
red wheelbarrow
selections from bouvard pécuchet
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