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D Press  2000  Sebastopol

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The chat topic is: share your poem. Artaud is host.
Welcome—poems first, chat second.


wave twisters
we'll live forever in bold letters
"Jo Violent"
beatnikig, that's
beatnik in disguise
wiseowl in NJ
willow in Korea
alex in IL
Ethan in AL
in the room we come and go

poetry forum

Artaud: i speak no greek and only a whit of pig latin owhe are e uye?
"bettyeggleton": rhyme is a construct of time
SnowAngel: let it rhyme when it rhymes
you are here and in this I trust
must be rhyme and must we speak
the best poetry in life we seek
that's the tenet of this forum
maintaining the highest decorum
appreciated only by the upper crust
and those with very large breasts

we project a space with no floor, no walls
we exist but cannot rest
are watchful but have no shadows

Artaud: hello room
Magichex_g leads Art to the couch
Artaud: Thank you Magic
Magichex_g puts a laprobe over Art's knees
Artaud: all I kneed is my pipe
Magichex_g brings a pipe
Themis: a/s/l
Artaud: you won't turn me into a frog if I tell
Magichex_g sits down next to Artaud
Artaud: middleaged male in a state of anxiety
Themis: lol
siouxgirl: read us a poem, Artaud
Artaud: I'll read one of Hem's
siouxgirl: who's Hem?
Artaud: my friend, but he can't type
Themis: sshhhhhh Art has the floor
Artaud: SPARKS for Steve
Artaud:They kindle my dreams
Artaud: and in turn are rekindled
Artaud: by a feverish wind.
Artaud: .
Artaud: They are my only visitors.
Artaud: They are my only kin.
Themis: That's beautiful!
siouxgirl: my pants are wet
Magichex_g: mine are burning
siouxgirl: i knew i was going to be enlightened
Riskybusiness: i know all that Bauhaus shit i
saw that movie with the razor slashing an eye go ahead give me some lines from le chein andelou
Artaud: .
Artaud: .
Artaud: .
Artaud: .
Artaud: .
Artaud: .
Riskybusiness: that doesn't look like something Artaud would say
Artaud: .
Artaud: it's a silent movie
Riskybusiness: lol
Artaud:The mistake is in the fact that a being is created above and beyond the body
Artaud: .
Artaud: and that it shivers
Artaud: in a pillar of soot
Artaud: and scrapings
Russianbeauties enters the conversation
Russianbeauties: hello Americans
Russianbeauties leaves the conversation

wings: the rings around the moon
            are full of virgin tears
            my ashes are filled with tiny wings
            wings touching
            wings the face
            wings of the poem
            wings enters the naked volcano
            search area where whispers
            are no longe private

wings: i hate my face on ZDTV
gypsy: what's that
wings: computer TV
gypsy: ZD?
wings: zero dimensional
gypsy: o to be reduced to zero dimensions
wings: pi 3.47 ad infinitum
sonnet enters the conversation
gypsy: secular secularum
wings: dancing in metaphors
gypsy: sanctus spiritus
wings: the mountain never understood
gypsy: si et carpi deus
wings: natyum vidette regem angelorum
gypsy: venite adoremus
wings: veris entatuem vindici
gypsy: la butaglia e notra
wings: bella cromon en dietatus
gypsy: for so lovely the face of God

Artaud: tx sunshine, that was right on
i liked that
devildoc: ok
Stinkypoo enters the conversation
Stinkypoo farts and blames it on the dog
Stinkypoo leaves the conversation

Thanks, stinky
Neon-Ratio: i think stinky needs his diaper changed
dengalis leaves the conversation
devildoc: does anyone here like Jim Morrison
prose: yes, but I think he is a minor poet
devildoc: sheeeeet
Artaud: easy doc
zybx enters the conversation
hi zy
Magichex_g: I've got to go
zybx leaves the conversation
Magichex_g leaves the conversation

they must have had a date
starache enters the conversation
Artaud: hello star, welcome
starache: hi artaud, has anyone seen sinkfoil
Artaud: he was here earlier for a sec
starache: damn
starache: o well, i'll just hang for awhile

Artaud: pablo enters the conversation
Artaud: gypsy: hello pab
Artaud: wings: I just cleaned my monitor
Artaud: wings: I thought I was going blind
Artaud: "Mc Fisto": lol
Artaud: pablo: hello
Artaud: wings: give us a poem someone
wings: artaud, what is going on here?
Artaud: my poem
wings: it looks like us chatting
Artaud: it is
wings: this is the poem?
Artaud: yes, should I go on?
wings: i guess, yes do

Artaud: LizardKing enters the room
             LizardKing: hi room
             pablo: hi Lizard
             "McFisto": my granny fell and broke
             her hip so I spiked her tea with LSD
             and took her on a trip—-now she
             loves her dope more than the pope
             and without it she can't cope
             pablo whistles
             LizardKing falls off the sofa
             pablo pees

             gypsy: you have the gavel wings, flap
             wings: sorry about that, they're out

WierdoWill: well, what do you think, is this
a good poem? I think it sucks myself

wings: i thought it was very good
i think it is one of my worst
Artaud: yes, if you cant tell your tent from a drainage ditch you are pretty messed up
and it shows you are an drooling alcoholic
with a gas mask fetish
tyme: ?
Artaud: if i wrote a poem like that i would go out and hang myself from the nearest tree
i want to know what the rest of you think, not Art
tyme: I'm just a wallflower here
WierdoWill: page,tell me honestly
gosh i thought it was nice, but i did't unerstand the colander thing
WierdoWill: hmm, not sure I do either
Artaud: just a dumb reference to a medieval astrological concept
shut up, Art, i want to know what people with real understaanding think

WierdoWill: well, if no one is going to make
a comment, I guess I am going, thanks all,
have fun Art!

WierdoWill leaves the conversation
wings: what was that all about?

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chain_g: this be the flame in the cellar
         naked and wageless
         screaming in our cages
         whose got the power
         the mass or the few
         in this torn nation
         never give up
         just live up
         wd be spittn up
         rippin it up
         o my brother
         burning barefeet
         over blacktop
         fast as in fashion


once upon a time, old Ez sd we needed
for this accelerated age, not marble
—waferboard is what we're using now
and a chain saw

we'll live forever in bold letters

I just go to DevilDoc's chatroom
I can laugh
I can cry
I can swear
I can lie

devildoc's room
the chat topic is: you know the deal
bring your poetry....leave the rest

Jill-in-the-Box enters
TchKung enters
greyling enters
ds33 has entered
signa has entered

wings: fire in the lake
         darting over
         uber und deeiber
                  de ober kats
signa has left

starache: i have to go
gypsy: bye star
wings: goodnight starache
starache: i can't come back
gypsy: we'll see you tomorrow nite
starache: no
starache: i can't come back ever
gypsy: what??!
Artaud: what do you mean starache
starache: my mom is taking away the computer
gypsy: why?
willowtree enters the conversation
willowtree: hi, everyone
Artaud: hi willow
willowtree: how is everyone?
Artaud: starache is banned from her computer
willowtree: oh
gypsy: we are just saying goodbye
willowtree: oh
devildoc: your mom will probable relent
starache: if she ever does, i'm so afraid you will all be gone
gypsy: we'll be here starache, waiting
wings: yes, star, we won't forget you
starache: if you see sink
gypsy: yes
starache: tell him
gypsy: yes
starache: that i
gypsy: yes
starache: wanted to say
gypsy: yes
starache: goodbye
gypsy: oh, star
wings: we will tell him starache
devildoc: oh god! shit fuck, this is unfair
devildoc writhes in the dirt pulling his hair
starache: i want you all to know
starache: that i love you all
gypsy: we love you too star
Artaud: starache, I am very glad we got to be friends I know you didn't trust me at first
starache: thank, you Art, i am glad too
willowtree: i want to say goodbye and that we will miss you
starache: ty
devildoc: you have contributed a lot here
starache: ty
starache: good bye everyone
gypsy: bye
wings: bye
devildoc: so long
starache leaves the conversation
willowtree: goodbye
willowtree: oh, i was too late
Artaud: it's ok willow, she knows

and hold each other
et si arebus
until the young moon goes down
and lays upon a cloud rack
paratus et infinitum
in God's hands
sonnet leaves the conversation
and I walk in
covered with ash
carpagio et enigmas
and I walked
no one knows why
no one
no one
I did not loose my faith
and what I had to say was so sublime
that the mere utterance was music

SECTION IV: that which is correct shall be correct unless it is wrong; line must sound like the before line or line must have green in it three times; that which contains a there where there is no where there will stay here

I'll poetry if I choose to stay in
I'll riot if I go out

oh betty so sweet i crave her
betty is a right little raver
sweet like a cherry lifesaver
yummmmm melts in your mouth
and tastes like cheese
jeeez this makes me sneeze
oh the lady will never die
the lady will never die
nay but she will often lie
in a patch of homespun webs
in a forum of horny plebs

Dead Poets Society
read your own or other poets and brief
discussions: Rilke is host


Artaud enters the conversation
Artaud leaves the conversation

gypsy: come here, next to me
gypsy: let me tell you something
gypsy: whisper
rose: but I got disconnected
gypsy: we'll join to be so very merry
wings: and dance the night with elf and fairy
gypsy: and drink the red red dark berry
wings: and pick the stars until they're too
heavy to carry
gypsy: love's the moment and a ring's a thing
wings: a thing more binding is the song we sing
Artaud leads gypsy and wings to the rubber room

chain_g: drunk enough
         and bored enough
         shattered in a
         wood coffin
         on some boot hill
         a young gun
         screaming "howdy"
         flashing cold steel
         from his hip
         like dark lightning

Billy the Kid
when mns told us of your death
we were astounded
To restore
         USE DEFAULT
save text
   1.File-Save As 2.click Save graphic
Add to Favorites under Purgatory
Miss Perfect enters the conversation
MaidenTsar, that's Totenmaske
that's TT that's that

gypsy: the screen scrolled
Artaud: he's in Korea being quiet
gypsy: I know, but sungwon may be the only one
         not getting moofied, and he's not even
lover899 enters
Artaud: hi lover, that's a powerful number
lover899: how so?
Artaud: it reduces to an 8, a number of power
lover899: i see
punkerpoet: Done in by love, lover o the one
         I despise
punkerpoet leaves
punkerpoet3 enters

punkerpoet3: minor threat, black flag, the
         dropkick murpheys, US Bombs
devildoc: get down punker
punkerpoet3: got disconnected
         and they changed my name damn them
glitterclot: go to options and change it bacvk
punkerpoet: arrested for punk in public
gypsy: do you know that you were put on auto
         hold for five minutes
glitterclot: not on my screen he wasn't
gypsy: this is strange
punkerpoet: put on hold by who?
gypsy: i didnt even know there was an automatic

Dreamy: plunged
         once free
         floating LIGHT
         and love into COLD
         choking screams
moody enters
devildoc: Holding on for dear life
         O Careless Love!
greyling has left
         raving in high fever
         my skin hot f/yr touch
         a delicious clenching of nerves
gypsy: two people in against the spin
MegatonBoy: cross-faded in my room
         bass lines staggering
         a madness anthem
"JoyceCarolOates": our skin defences
         turning to silk, texture of fleshy
         airy surfaces scant as breaths
gypsy: sage sweetgrass and osha
         no overcast no birds no bees
         just me
cementhead has joined
devildoc: what the fuck is going on with

prose: blood drain brain reels
I begin to see things begin
Totenmaske: Totenmaske:to turn
Neon-Ratio: tote, I can't read that, change yr font
Totenmaske: to turn in the room in the light
gypsy: crying out for the pain to stop
wanting a spiritual path
mersault: without God mucking it up
Totenmaske: God as a cloudy vapor who
invents the world and leaves

DenymeLife enters the conversation
prose: or sleeps in a mummy cloth
howling in impotent agony
Totenmaske: while worms in putrid furrows
wiggle with pagan glee
Hello, I don't understand
mersault: wiggling and giggling
we're chaining a poem deny, where are you from?
DenymeLife: Denmark in Alabama
Neon-Ratio: do you have a poem to share
DenymeLife: No, can I just watch?
Neon-Ratio: anyone else have a poem ready
Neon-Ratio: arty??
Neon-Ratio dims the lights and adjusts

devildoc: i'm fucking depressed
Artaud: i know
gypsy: i feel so sad
devildoc: well maybe her mother is right maybe
she spends too much time here and maybe we all should get real lives
sinkfoil enters the conversation
devildoc: hi sink, you just missed starache
gypsy: she was looking for you to say goodbye
sinkfoil: she was?
devildoc: she can't come back here
sinkfoil: she can't
gypsy: artaud?
Artaud: sinkfoil, starache's mom repossed her
harddrive and won't allow her to come here
sinkfoil: she did
Artaud: starache said how much she would miss all of us but especially you
sinkfoil: i loved that woman
Artaud: I know, she was really sweet and she contributed a lot to the room, we'll all miss her
sinkfoil: jeez, i dont feel so good
Artaud: well, we'll just have to carry on
sinkfoil: i guess
gypsy: it won't be the same
devildoc wipes away a tear
Artaud: come on, she'll probably get to come back before long, does anyone have a poem?

cricket: oooh, how do you do that?
Artaud: put f betwen parenthesises
cricket: what do you mean?
Artaud: type ( then f then )
cricket: oh, i did it
Artaud: would you like a ?
cricket: love one
Artaud: type d between ( )
cricket: great
Artaud: type k between ( )
Artaud: now we're cookin
Artaud: I'll give you my if you'll give me

oeuvhere enters the conversation
times I feel I shouldna been born
but here I am
I may yet find where I belong
oeuvhere leaves the conversation

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