Sambhogakaya Cowboy

D-Press ~ 1996 ~ Pagosa Springs

Cover photo by Kim Secunda

for Tsultrim and David

it begins with love
and ends with love

Pan comes to Colorado

but in between thereís
a black horse without a rider

a black dog without a bark
a black tree without bark

Pan comes to Colorado

a radiant goatman
naked and unashamed

a gunslinger-progenitor
with a double-barreled flute

Pan comes to Colorado


a heart bowed
to eradicate hells

if I donít help, who will?
sings Kshitigarbha

plunging into black chaos
road warrior of the byways

holding a lotus
and a wish-fulfilling tree

into the Lionís mouth
into the unknown— he knows

if itís green with whiskers
itís probably a Leprechaun

if itís soft and steamy
itís probably a cowpie

protector of the bent
matrix of the world


what do I know?
nothing that is known
everything unknown

how hummingbirds fly
where your birthday falls
in the digits of p

I put all the right notes
in the wrong places
all the wrong notes

in the right places
working beyond movement
a flesh flavor


angels riding turtles
angels flying kites
angels necking in the park

our forgiving hearts
send a secret mantra

lady at the county office
takes my application although
my registration is invalid

ups manís clipboard buzzes
says he has a problem meditating
boxes backed up Pagosa to Omega

angels riding turtles
angels flying kites
angels necking in the park


O Sambhogakaya cowboy
Reign in your mine

Thereís rain in your mind
Donít shy—relax, let it fall

You built it
Now, itís gone

Itís alright—
So bright, the tears

Headíum up
Herdíum out


you have reached the offices
of Guru, Dharma & Sangha
this is a recorded message
if you have a touch-tone phone
press the appropriate button

having pure intention
and you want to take refuge
press 1 for Hinayana
press 2 for Mahayana
press 3 for Mantrayana
press 4 for Dzogchen

if you miss part of the transmission
it will repeat itself upon completion
if you have any questions
press the # key, and a Bodhisattva
will come on the line to assist you

for those with desire-attachment
or guests of karmic payments
we suggest dialing our new number

press 1 for a crazy wisdom bitch
press 2 for yidams in leather
press 3 for assorted hindrances
press 4 to be listened to attentively


Sky in my mind
Sky in my voice
Sky in my heart

Walking the path
We make funny sounds
In the serious stillness

Much laughter
Much joy
Pervasive and empty


84000 passions give rise
to flowers rivers mountains

this one, this one
and this one—
all one

a mandala of sunlight
a goddess with golden hands

and a rainbow heart


appearing in a rainbow sphere
dancing with bell and drum

she feeds her demons
and dissolves duality

white feast
red feast
black feast

nectar for Sa ningpo
a carrot for Cosmo
pus for the hungry ghosts

essence of the elements
conquest over fear and hope

thereís no anger in the moon
nor joy


a note from the Trujillo Kid

I cherish sunrises
and the sound of ChŲd
ringing through the hills

I cherish the children
the rainbows
and all we were

I reply

you are the elements
   the journey how it is
      the wings of presence

you fly off
   and the path has
      fewer rainbows


riding Cosmo on the track
another loop of the mandala

up Tit Mountain
down Dragonback

a windhorse has three gates
fast, faster and overdrive

Iíve got my cell phone
in case she calls from Kehei

know sheís asleep
a crescent moon above her head


sunís bliss
morning kiss

rise up
mandala face

the world is still
hip and happeniní

O Mandhara
youíve left

an arrow
in my heart


reign in your mind
Sambhogakaya Cowboy

thereís rain in your mind
donít shy, relax, let it fall

you built it
now itís gone

itís all right
the tears

headíum up
herdíum out

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