The Polyhedral Polemics of Unbounded Denner
by Lee Harris (Cowboy Yogi Poet’s Association)

  Word wizard Richard Denner delightfully continues to create, discover and define his no-self by demonstrating that it is indeed the nature of the poet to be all things. Tibetans call this dialectic pha rol tu phyin pa, or going over to the other side. Richard accomplishes much of this dynamic by means of "the mask" which although explicit in Homer, Plato and Aristotle—now resurfaces in such personas as Antonin Artaud, Bouvard Pecuchet, Lorenzo Ghibelline, Sir Arthur Ranting and Jack Spicer. Denner's risqué poetry-of-risk truly knows no boundaries as we "beastie in the bunghole" and "hope to hop even to Proxima Centauri."
  Yet, in the center of this Promethean hurricane, this L' IDEE DU DELUGE, lies an eye of silence comparable to the humorous pathos of Henry Miller with all the contraction of Samuel Beckett. I look deep into that stormy pacific eye, that "molecule of mayonnaise" where language goes beyond limits and being is beyond self...where Marie Claire is an angel of mercy working the night shift in No Place...and I see "Go Fir It, Reforestation in the land of many abuses." Such uncanny humor is without doubt precious healing balm for our world weariness and I continue to hear Richard's en-lightning poems echoing "yes" and "why not!" against the encroaching darkness of the Evil Empire's Imperial "No!"
  Fasten your seat belt Alice, Shangri-la has finally come to the American West—riding shotgun in the front seat of Richard Denner's low riding Ford Ranchero.