Abalone Moon
Too Many Horses, Not Enough Saddles

2004: Poems: Household, I Doubt This, Hand in Empty Hand
2004 Fiction: Dangerous Angels
Fiction: And What Happened Next Was to Defy Anything I Had Ever Expected
Spring 2005: Poems: Box of Nerves, At Every Level of Montezuma's Consciousness,
Marilyn Manson on the Rag
Fiction: Old Boot
Non-Fiction: On Claude Smith's Art: Getting Back To Basics

Volume 2, Winter 2004: Pleiades
Volume 2.3 Summer 2004: Israel 33 ½

Big Bridge
#11 Poetry: The Petrarch Project: Cantos 34-37
Interview with David Bromige & Rychard Denner by Bouvard Pécuchet

Electric Acorn 14
And the Tree of Live Also, Telecosmos

Half Drunk Muse
Fall/Winter 2003: Postcard from the State of Disaster, March of Reds
Double Issue 2005: Second Boiling: Crazy as Possible, Things Change Yet are One,
Your Bones Know You Can, Calculus, Just When Phoebe Decided Life Held No Further Interest, Rules, Space and Longing and a Few Flashes of Light, Sunshine within Sunshine, Flowers Inside the Present

Jack Magazine
Issue 7: Poised, This Morning, What Is Mind? Le Petit Soldier du Jean Luc Goddard, Carrying My Bones, Samsara Is an Airport Surrounding a Delayed Flight, I Know Nothing

Jack Straw Foundation
2004 Jack Straw Writers Program Writers' Forum

Juice Online
Back from Bagdhad

Junket Poetry Ezine
Potion No. 5, Duet at Sunset, Que Petite Sirah Sirah & Constructive Rest

A Little Poetry
11:55 AM On This Planet, Yes Repeat No, Flying White

Lunch Box Pad
December: Antique Roy Rogers Lunch Box Becomes Final Resting Place of Dedicated Fan by Sally MacDonald

Mastodon Dentist
Issue 6 – Spring 2006: Synthesis

Melancholia's Tremulous Dreadlocks
All I Wanted

The Mini-MAG: An Imprint of the Muse Apprentice Guild
Issue #0001
Featured Press: dPress

Mipo Magazine
Sept. 2003: Contact
Volume 15: January-March 2004: Dialogue Between Safe Crackers

Muse Apprentice Guild
First Anniversary Issue: Pebbles
Spring 2003: Green Fire & Imaginary Toads

My Space/Steve Fisk
Voice Recordings: Time Speed Language & New Gravity

Mystic Babylon
July 12,2006: David Bromige and Rychard Denner reading from The Cantos

So Sudden, Dicey

Physik Garden
The Shed: Singing to the Cows, New Features, Variables of Existing Choices, Cattle Are Just an Excuse for Shooting Coyotes, Canis Latrans, Om Om on the Range, Wind, Critics Aren't Agreed, Right Livelihood, Notes on the Back of a Feedbill, Washington Swine Seminar, Duke's Mix in Winter, Living Well, Evolved and Eclipsed, Calf Graft, Now Is Like That, Green Pastures, Landscape with Livestock, Water Under the Footbridge, Ice Over the Fence Rail, Until the Cows Come Home, Magnif I Cat, Incense for Europa, Ecological Hazard, A Tumbleweed Carries It's Shadow Tucked In
Poetry Room: Pinning the Tail on the Donkey: Cold Out There, Israel 331/2, Bunkhouse at 6 am, Clotho, Lachesis & Atropos, Pleidades, Instructions to My Apprentice, Nestled in the Rose, A Way She Walks, All Lovers Are, Another Day—Illustrations by Lucienne Dorrance
Poetry Room: Considering Two Paths in the Wilderness by Eve West Bessier
Image by Richard Denner
Room of 1,000 Words: Dead Man Finds Happy Trails
The Shed: Outing on Good Friday
The Shed: At the Helm with Luis Garcia
The Glasshouse: Poem within a Play within a Story
The Glasshouse: From Lascaux to Dendera
The Shed: That Garden of Earthly Delights
The Glasshouse: The Fence

Poems Niederngasse
Dec/Jan 2003/04: Mutiny Is Fate
May/June: All Mimbsy Were the Borogoves
Jun/Jul 2004:Art: Five Linocuts on display
Mar/Apr 2006: Rid Ourselves of Craziness

Poetic Inhalation
Art Gallery: Falling into Place
December 03: On Bouvard Pecuchet, The Plagiarist Chronology Entries for 1982
Volume 3 Issue 12 March 04 Poetic Artist
Twenty-two All Time Favorites of Bouvard Pécuchet:
The Bright Red Bar Held by a Square Bar Series
Volume 4 Issue 2: Cantos 1-3 (PDF)
Volume 4 Issue 3: Cantos 4-6 (PDF)
Volume 4 Issue 4: Cantos 7-9 (PDF)
Volume 4 Issue 5: Cantos 10-12 (PDF)
Volume 4 Issue 6: Cantos 13-15 (PDF)
Volume 4 Issue 7: Cantos 16-18 (PDF) with an interview by Bouvard Pécuchet
Volume 4 Issue 8: Cantos 19-21 (PDF)
Volume 5 Issue 1: Cantos 22-24 (PDF)
Volume 5 Issue 2: Cantos 25-27 (PDF)
Volume 5 Issue 3: Cantos 28-29 (PDF)

Private Photo Review
N. 32: Night: Night of Mystic Rain

Sauce Box
Night Deluge & Invisible Roses

Seeker Magazine
Volume 9 Issue 8: Drinking from the Cancer Cup
Volume 9, Issue 10: Party Down Anasazi
Volume 10, Issue 1: January 2004:Gryphon's Nest
This Fall

Volume 10, Issue 2: Maid of Mist
Volume 10, Issue 4: Fifteen Minutes Late & the Battery Is Dead
Volume 10, Issue 5: What Comes Next?
Volume 10, Issue 6: Gryphon's Nest: Outing on Good Friday
Volume 10, Issue 10: Blank Flower
Volume 11, Issue 1: Gryphon's Nest: Stuff That Haunts You
Volume 11, Issue 2: Gryphon's Nest: Seeing Angels with the Inner Eye
Volume 11, Issue 5: Gryphon's Nest: Blue Light
Volume 12, Issue 7 Chapbook Column: Vista
Volume 13, Issue 1 Chapbook Column: Waterdownstone

Vol. 2, Issue 4: Chinese Box, Test

Tara Mandala
Everything Is Peace, A Floating Reflection, Hum of an Insect

Thunder Sandwich
Issue 22: Not Real Deep or Anything, History Teaches
Issue 25: Wheel of Time Mantra Blade

The Toe Tree Journal
Issue Two: Poised (PDF)




Winter 2001: Persephone’s Mirror 

Winter 2001: Hear Them Buzz 


A Little Poetry 
Fabulous Finds 2001: Along the Cutbank 


Absinthe Literary Review 

Poetics: Flashburn, The Wart Cannot Be Coerced, Tortureland, Merlin Creeping About



Summer 2001: Soul Light

Winter 2001: Luminous Form

Winter 2001: Hermes on His Rounds

Spring 2002: Interchange of Tinctures
Spring 2003: President Buchanan Slept Here


B & W Aluminum Baby

Summerfield Zine, Aluminum Baby, Vol. 1, No. 1 & Vol. 1, No.2


Central California Poetry Journal

Putting Down Roots, Oakland Should Be, In Advance of Beatitude, On the Beach,

Box of Nerves, View, Trace Tones and Afterdots


Comrades (issue 1)

Poetry: Turning and Mirroring

Non-fiction: Oro et Loaboro

Comrades (issue 2)

Non-fiction: Oro et Loaboro 2

Comrades (issue 3)

Non-Fiction: Episode 1

Comrades (issue 4)

Poetry: At Mahukona Beach Park, Transitory Village, Beach Bum Park,

& Aloha Means Don’t Crash on the Rocks

Fiction: Flowers at Night

Non-fiction: Episode 2

Reviews/essays: Richard Denner & dPress

Comrades (issue 5)

Fiction: Coitus Interruptus

Non-Fiction: Episode 3

Comrades (issue 6)

Poetry: Xitro

Fiction: Awake

Non-fiction: Episode 4

Reviews/essay: Review of John Bennett’s Greatest Hits 1965-2000

Comrades (issue 7)

Poetry: Scorpio, Scorpio Rising, Cogito Ergo Shazam, Eye of the Scorpion

Fiction: L’Ideé Du Déluge

Non-fiction: Episode 5

Comrades (issue 8)

Fiction: Ballad of Mystery and Death

Non-fiction: Episode 6

Comrades (issue 9)

Non-fiction: Episode 7

Comrades (issue 10)

Fiction: Season in Purgatory

Non-fiction: Episode 8

Comrades (issue 11)

Poetry: Editorial— My Take on Publishing, The History of D Press

& A Walk through How To Print Your Own Book

Fiction: No-Place

Non-fiction: Planting the Blast

Review of Charles Pott’s Across the North Pacific

Comrades (issue 12)

Poetry: Sexy Lovers

Prose: Six Takes on a Green Set

Comrades (issue 13)

Poetry: Love Poem
Fiction: Takes On a Green Set
Collected Works Review by Phil Wagner



Cool Bird Poems

Tanager, Western: All This Inside Me,western


Dark Planet
Poetry: Vacuum Plus

Poetry: Night of Mystic Rain 


Didi Menendez

Dual in the Sun & Calendar of the Moon


Eclectica Magazine

 Fiction: A Hill Called Bringer of Luck


Electric Acorn

Issue 9: Fully Awake in Your Look, At the Center Is Fire

Issue 10: Chilling Out with the Eclogues, Two Roses, Relax,

Friends, Do I Hear Trumpets?

Issue 11: Overheard

Issue 13: Building a Fire for the Medicine Man, Green Pastures,

Lost in Tongass Woods, Nima’s First Sweat, Discovery

US Poets, California: Following Salvador Dali

POETRiE: Box of Nerves, At the Game Reserve, Densely Packed


Groove Art


5 Poems: Beating Against the Rock, Head Start, Intrusions, Reflection,

Come Onto Dry Land


Half Drunk Muse

Poetry: Five Is the Key, Go Song, Fragments, So High You Kissed the Sky, The Adventures of Psyche on the Astral Plane, Chilling Out with the Eclogues

Prose: Poetry, Politics & Sushi, Artist’s Statement

Art: Desert Deco, Constellation of Oddiyana, Horse ’N Round, Piece 1, Piece 2,

Assemblage avec Flamblage, Combine with Stump


In Posse Review

Issue 7: Picture from Williams


Jack Magazine

Vol.2 No.1: My Escape Forward, Page of Wands, Magician’s Apprentice



Spring 2003: Duet at Sunset & Que Petite Sirah, Sirah


Melic Review

Winter 2000: Billy the Kid in Bakersfield, Worn to a Phrasl

Winter 2001: Mother of All Sweats



Red Hearts, White Rock




Vol.3 Issue 3: Errata

Vol.4 Issue 1: Gwen


Muse Apprentice Guild

Fall 2002: Happy Climes, Self-portrait, Spastic, Without Goggles,

Energy Follows Consciousness

Winter 2003: Lost Lenore, Made of Clay, Nexus of Entities, Freedom Ahead,

They’ve Got Me on Guilt Injections

Spring 2003: Two Works: Imaginary Toads & Jack Spicer’s “Poetry As Magic” Questionnaire



Story: Scars


PaP – Poetry About Poetry

Issue 1: Refuge


Pig Iron Malt

Summer 2002: Pointless Poem About the Existence of Non-existence, Flowing

Spring 2003: For Anyone & For Paloma



The Physik Garden

Poetry Room: Pinning the Tail on the Donkey— Cold Out There, Israel 33⅛, Bunkhouse at 6 a.m., Clotho, Lachesis & Atropos, Pleiades, Instructions to My Apprentice, Nestled in the Rose, A Way She Walks, All Lovers Are, Another Day

Room of 1000 Words: Angels at Work,000c.html

Room of 1000 Words: Soul Mirror

The Hinterland: Woodnotes

The Shed: Om Ah Hum on the Range

The Compost Heap: Timberlines I, Timberlines II

 The Glasshouse: Time Factoring

The Greenhouse: Poem w/in A Play w/in a Story



Review of 'Flesh of Fire' by Bouvard Pécuchet

Míro Walgreen, the Author of Pierre Menard’s Quiote by Bouvard Pécuchet



Poets Against the War

Praise & Blame, Loss & Gain


Poetry Super Highway

Waterdownstone & At the Fourwinds


Poetry Tonight

Poems: Perfect, Cutting a Swath


Poems Niederngasse

Poems: One Way, Handoff in a Mindfield, Cold Fountains, Stakeout, How To Proceed, Now There Then, Open On All Levels, I Am a Clarinet & Interchange of Tinctures


Samsara Quarterly

#4 Fiction: A Hill Called Bringer of Luck

#14 Best of Issue: A Hill Called Bringer of Luck


Seeker Magazine

Vol.6 Iss.6 Gryphon’s Nest: From Oak Tree Drive

Vol.6 Iss.9 Gryphon’s Nest: Nectar

Vol.6 Iss.10 Gryphon’s Nest: Found Poem

Vol.6 Iss.11 Gryphon’s Nest: Endangered

Vol.7 Iss.1 Review: A Review of Paul Polansky's Not a Refugee

Vol.7 Iss.3 Poem: Swift One

Vol.7 Iss.5 Perspective: Black Friday

Vol.7 Iss.6 Gryphon’s Nest: Transformation

Vol.7 Iss.10 Gryphon’s Nest: Story My Mom Tells

Vol.7 Iss.11 Gryphon’s Nest: Cord Cutting

Vol. 7 Iss.12 Gryphon’s Nest:

Pointless Poem About the Existence of Non-Existence

Vol.8 Iss.3 Vajra Dance Mandala Odyssey

Vol.8 Iss.4 Selected Poems— On This Side of the Pass, Painpoint,

Beating Against the Rock, Come Onto Dry Land, Tara

Vol.8 Iss.5 Poem: The Beast

Vol.8 Iss.8 Gryphon’s Nest: Images of Staff

Vol.8 Iss.9 Gryphon’s Nest: Letter to Sito in Time of War, 1965

Vol.8 Iss.10 Gryphon’s Nest: Evidence

Vol.8 Iss.11 The Gryphon’s Net: Praise & Blame, Loss & Gain

Vol.8 Issue 12 The Gryphon’s Nest: Thinking With Feelings

 Vol. 9 Issue 1 The Gryphon’s Nest: One Spirit, Many Faith

Vol.9 Issue 2 The Gryphon’s Nest: Napoleon Without a Bone

Vol.9 Issue 3: Irresolute, Interchange of Tinctures, Zero Tolerance,

Automorph, & Stress in the Field

Vol.9 Issue 4: Calendar of the Moon, Time Speed Language, No O Zone,

Spit in the Ocean, Being Just As We Are, & New Forms

 Vol.9 Issue 5: An Outing on Good Friday, Visionary Designs, Of Suns and

Worlds, This Script Has a Butt Shot, & Love’s Garden

Vol.9 Issue 6: Traveler's Blues, Is Great Pan Dead?, Intrusions,

November Mist, & Friends

Version 1.0 Feb.-Oct. 2001: I Am Virgin to My Poem


Vol.1 No.1: Kali Appears With a Necklace of Flavored Heads

Vol.1 No.2: Space Control

Vol.2 No.1: Cretan Lyre


Slow Trains

 Vol. 2 Issue 4: Mimics in the Mist & In



No. 67: Nature Has No Memory


Stark Raving Sanity

Issue 10: Five Abstracts Inspired by Mark Rothko

Issue 10: Morning


State of unBeing

Issue #63: Box of Nerves, At the Game Reserve, Densely Packed


Story Bytes

Issue #55, 128 Words: A Shrine for Jimi Hendrix

Issue #59, 256 Words: Curve of Wind


Tara Mandala

 Article: Summer Idyll

Thunder Sandwich

#19: Homage to No. 45 Rue Blomet

# 21 Worship Dog



Tin Lustre Mobile

The Poem Artaud Wrote in May, 1932, After Meeting Hitler

Islam Bomb


Wilmington Blues

Vol.2 No.5: Eco Biz


Collected Poems: 1961-2000