Even Steven by Luis Garcia

Cover collage by the author

1999, 28 pages






Sometimes I want to go back—

to return

as love sometimes returns.


Sometimes I turn

to look once more

over my shoulder,


but there’s no way back.

There’s forward,

only forward.






Too short, too soon,

too short, too soon,


a lesson taught

by movement of sun,

by movement of moon—


too short, too soon,

too short, too soon,


touchstones to the stars

tell of the bars,

the cages of glass,


the hours that pass,

the hours that pass.






The way the light falls,

the way the shadows fall,

the way the people fall

into the same old patterns,


patterns of light,

patterns of shadow

mixing and mingling



the patterns,

the people,

the way

it all continues.

but there's no way back.
There's forward,
only forward.