Lemon Leg Dances Among Eager Circus Afternoons

by Kim Secunda ( Cover art by the author)



We hunker here


We hunker here

cellar bugs armadillos

under our desks

scabby knees up elbows out

arms press ears to amplify

high whistle churn swish

of blood running

fast in my veins

like blackbirds’ wings


clock so Loud

sweet sour school smells

metal flavor blood taste

surprised how very quiet it gets


ducked and covered

I am brave

feeling how alive to die like this


It will be like a flashcube

then there will be fallout



That snake in my belly drinks


that snake in my belly drinks

my soft sugars slurpping

the bowl I clasp churns mossy shadows

ripe juices surge overlap random ingredients

suck tides feed flames lick caramelizing

crusty pudding

glisteny blackstrap spills

strange wines travel everywhichway

mapping subterranean caves

that snake in my belly drinks bright medicine