The Location of the Triple Jewel

Richard Krech

24 pages saddle-stiched

2003 Sebastopol





All Is Aflame



“All is aflame” the awakened one said

referring to the dance of electrons, neutrons & quarks

in the 6 paradises of the physical sphere

beyond your eye

beyond your ear

beyond your nose

beyond your tongue

beyond your body

beyond your mind.


It is all Tantric layering

perfectly still & empty.

Solid space.


One thousand years later

Vasabhandu the Younger realized

that past, present & future all occur at once.


Later still, Einstein declared space curved

like a hot bubble expanding

with concentric force,

all burning furiously,

perfectly still & frozen solid.


We rush over the surface

or build towers of Babel to the sky,

worrying about what time it is

or how much grain we have put away

for the winter.





              Right Mindfulness


Right mindfulness

is already here.

You have only to realize it.



            then action.





                                    for Mary Curran


Like the statue w/no face

which exists

long after its physical manifestation

becomes imperceptible.





Saturday Night Journal Notation, McKinley Street


When you make an offering

to the Buddha image, he said,

the statue doesn’t need

the stuff. It’s you

who benefits from the offering.