Angio Gram by Charles Potts

Cover drawing by Luis Garcia

2000, 24 pages




A Heart Attack for Valentine's

for Ann, February 11, 1998


The poet's heart can't help but be

A valentine this time of year

Or anytime someone you love

Is brought back from the brink of death.


My body's full of healing holes,

Where the doctors and the nurses

Needled their way in many cases

Directly to my heart,


High tech cupids, ancient bows

And arrow points of love,

Calming down and waking up

My newly broken heart.


Back home I curl up with Ann,

My best friend, wife and lover,

Inspired to take life simply

One breath at a time.




Dead Men Talking

for Ray Obermayr


Not quite done showering I come

Out of the bathroom with a towel

wrapped around me

To answer the front door bell.


Delivering a box of light bulbs and batteries

Is a man from my

Heart attack rehabilitation class.


We congratulate each other for being alive,

Talk about DJ who just drowned

In the mouth of the Columbia

Where the river meets the sea

DJ's boat was swamped by a sneaker wave

Leaving his wife, children, family and friends.


He said five of his WAHI classmates

Checked out this year.


Death wholesale:

1,000 WWII vets die every day

And won't get to see

The projected monument to their sacrifice.


Death retail:

My friend Ted in the apartment business

Survived the Bataan Death March

To alzheimerically

Clean his kitchen to the point of forgetfulness.